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This is a system utility that monitors your hard disk health status constantly
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HDD Health is a system utility that monitors your hard disk health status constantly. The program reads the S.M.A.R.T. information available in all modern hard disks to determine their health status. Thanks to this information, HDD Health can foresee any upcoming disk failure and warn you about it, so that you can back up your critical information and avoid any data loss.

The program, however, offers a very basic and old-fashioned user interface, which is little attractive, visually speaking. It includes three tabs that show you information about your installed hard drives, their partitions, and your system's processor. Under the first tab, you will see information such as your disk's brand, model, firmware version, serial number, capacity, and general health status. Under the second tab, you will see the list of the partitions in your selected disk, with information about their file systems, free space, and total sizes. There is also a visual indicator that allows you to know the free space on a partition at a glance. Finally, under the third tab, you will see information about your system's processor, such as its brand/model, speed, and manufacturer.

Finally, through the program's menu bar, you can access a couple of additional windows that will show you the S.M.A.R.T. attributes of your disk and extended information about it. Besides, you can configure the program to send you a notification when it detects a critical problem with your disk or when a partition's free space gets too low. These notifications can reach you through different means – a pop-up message, an e-mail report, or a network message. You can also activate a sound alert for these events.

In a few words, HDD Health constantly monitors your hard disk and warns you when a problem occurs, or is about to occur. The program is compatible with all MS Windows versions, and it is designed to use as low system resources as possible. Besides, it works both for traditional hard disks and for modern Solid State Drives (SSD).

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very lightweight
  • Compatible with both traditional hard disks and modern SSD drives
  • Capable of showing you very detailed info about your disk(s)


  • Old-fashioned and little attractive interface
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